Consumer Brands specializes in the acquisition, development, and monetization of internet domains. Analogous to real estate development, we view each domain acquisition as an opportunity to build a profitable business on a property with inherent value. We believe that as an increasing amount of the world's business moves online, the value of quality domains will grow exponentially.

In real estate an ideal location requires the right type of development to provide a good return on investment, so does a high value Internet domain. With a background in web development, Internet marketing, and publishing, we have the capability to quickly and efficiently maximize the potential of the domains we acquire.

Our approach to domain acquisition and development places a higher value on quality than quantity. We deeply analyze our domain acquisition targets and then strive to develop them in a way that creates real value for the site visitors. Our experience has been that at the current stage of evolution of the web, a few well designed and properly marketed sites generate a significantly better return than a large portfolio of less developed domains.

Consumer Brands finds success through adherence to its core values and strives to promote a culture of respect, learning, and creativity.


Consumer Brands specializes in the acquisition, development, and monetization of internet domains.

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Health Care Brands specializes in the development of health care related web domains. While specialized medical information used to be accessible only to physicians, the web has allowed anyone with internet access to find detailed information about their condition and possible treatment options. Research has shown that the majority of Americans now look to the internet for medical information before making health care decisions.

As the amount of medical information on the internet grows, so does the need for the organization and filtering of that information. Creating high-quality, scientifically-grounded web domains and internet-based applications that bring together those looking for health information and those providing care is the approach Health Care Brands takes toward creating opportunities in this new era of Internet-influenced health care.