Consumer Brands, LLC Completes Major Asset Purchase Transaction
February 13, 2012

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Consumer Brands, LLC announced the consolidation and inter-affiliate transfer of Alorad, Inc.'s internet domain asset development business to Consumer Brands. The primary driving force behind Consumer Brands is its highly innovative strategy to become the premier developer of valuable high-quality internet domain assets and brands. Stakeholders of Consumer Brands and Alorad unanimously approved the transaction.

"Increased focus is the key to this deal," says Michael Gleason, Managing Member of Consumer Brands and Chief Executive Officer of Alorad. "Focus on continuing to build our domain assets and internet brands to exceed marketplace expectations, and focus on seamlessly executing our highly targeted internet strategies. Consolidating our internet asset development activities in Consumer Brands will provide us with a world-class platform to deliver the utmost in high-quality domains, websites, and related software and mobile apps. We believe that, as the world's business continues to rapidly move online, the value of Consumer Brands' internet assets and brands will grow exponentially."

Consumer Brands sources revenues from a vast array of companies, networks and verticals within the communications, technology, and healthcare industries. "The talent of the technical and creative team we have assembled is simply astounding. Our programmers, developers, designers, writers, scientists, and marketers -- each person strongly contributes to the compelling vision we are developing here," continues Mr. Gleason. "These rare people have allowed us to outperform in this sector while maintaining a unique culture of respect, learning, and creativity. As a result, the exploding value of our powerful internet assets and brands is unrivaled. We're keeping our headquarters here in Southern California, and we look forward to a very exciting future indeed."

Legal aspects of the transaction were handled by Gene Mueller of Mueller Carey, PLC. Mr. Mueller said, "We are so honored and humbled to be a part of Mike's team. Consumer Brands is a truly incredible company, a unique leader driving the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Orange County and beyond."

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